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From ........ Zach D Cox
Sent ........ Friday, May 26, 2000 8:52 AM
To .......... Philip Lippard
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Looks like an old dried up frog to me - I do know the difference, read on...

All this reminds me of an experience I had back in 1968. I was attached to the Naval Support Activity – Staff Weather Office DaNang, RVN. I would rotate out of the DaNang office to “field” sites up and down the coast. Each place I visited either was or had access to the most exposed beach in the area. My job was to do surf and weather observations so the main office in DaNang could put out surf and swell forecasts, along with weather forecasts, for the inland waters of South Vietnam. The great number of small and medium boats the Navy used to ferry supplies and ammunition up and down the coast to the Marines used these forecasts.

When I was detached to the Marine airbase in Chu Lia it was around Christmas time. I caught the Bob Hope show there on Christmas Eve 1968. Things were a bit lonely and we spent a lot of time drinking in the “club” that was in the compound I lived in. This compound was a petroleum storage area and stuck out into the South China Sea further than any other piece of land around. This was so that the tankers that pulled up to the offshore buoy that had the big pipes attached to it would be as far away from the VC 122mm rocket launching sites as possible. It would be embarrassing if the VC managed to set a tanker on fire.

The club was just a plywood hooch with screen windows and since it was about the only place around that was lighted at night there were bugs all over the place. Which meant that there were lots of lizards, frogs, (and snakes) crawling around. One night we got to talking and bragging about the disgusting stuff we had all eaten and I boasted that I could eat anything.

I said I could eat one of those lizards crawling up the screen. I knew they were hard to catch and no one would call my bluff. Well this one guy left the club and caught one of the little green frogs that was on the screen and brought it back and presented it to me demanding that I eat it. I protested that this was a frog not a lizard and he allowed that anyone who would eat a lizard would certainly eat a frog.

My bluff was called. So I poured about half of a beer in a clean ashtray grabbed the frog by his webbed feet, sloshed him around in the beer, popped him in my mouth and swallowed him down whole chugging the rest of the can of beer. I figured if people could swallow whole goldfish without harm then a small frog would be about the same. Well I did not notice it that night since that was not the first beer I had had, but it was reported the next day that three of the guys left immediately, went outside, threw up and went to bed after my fresh sushi eating demonstration.

Zach “The Frog Eater” Cox

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From: Philip Lippard
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2000 6:17 PM
Subject: Liz
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Now here we have the remains of a lizard who thought he wanted his sleeping quarters to be the same as mine...... the key is to kill the sucker without harming him...... you will notice there is not a single broken bone or missing limb in his entire body.

Philip "The Lizard Killer" Lippard

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